Masters Of The Obvious: Social Media Measurement Via Forrester

By SuperSpy 

A new report coming out of Forrester is all about interactive marketing channels. The report shows that of the 33 marketers surveyed (just 33? Small sample, guys), all said they found “strong and growing interest” in social media channels, but also that 68 percent of these folks said they adopt new channels “only after they’re proven.” Meaning, they need this stuff to be measurable.

Dear Forrester:
Sometimes you give us good stuff such as your consumer data papers. As for helping out the ad industry, tell us something we don’t know using your vast resources. Don’t waste man hours and press lines on stuff we are all to familiar with. Thanks.


Okay, just a note: Brian Morrissey wrote up Forrester’s findings for Adweek and I tell ya’ what – Adweek is wasting his talent.