Campbell Ewald Hiring IAs Two Weeks After Firing…Two IAs

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’re sick of catching these morons in the act of being moronic, but it’s part of the job description. That said, remamber how a little more than two weeks ago (August 14), Information Architects Tim Suliman and Joe Hass were laid off?

During some routine searching for the “No Wukkas” article we post weekly, we thought we’d check out CE’s job board. As of August 28, they’re looking for, get this, Jr. IAs. WTF CE? You just got rid of the guys who, according to our sources (also known as your former/current employees), were holding the place together (in a manner of speaking). There’s little more to say here.

See the full job description, after the jump. We’ve got to clean our six-guns. More of the idiocy of CE, here.

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Jr Information Architect

Are you a recent graduate looking for a career in Information Architecture that wants to work for a great company and interesting clients? If yes, we are the place for you!
Campbell-Ewald, one of the nation’s largest agencies, is always looking for talented people.

Please read on, there is more.

Here is what you will be doing as a Junior IA:

You will be creating wireframes, site maps, assisting in usability sessions, trouble shooting / strategizing pre-existing sites, laying the groundwork for new sites and working closely with the creative team, development and QA teams.

Here is what you have to bring:

Knowledge of usability methodologies/tools including user profiles/personas, user scenarios, navigation flow charts, organizational models, storyboards, wireframes, mockups, feature lists, functional requirements and user interface specifications.
Knowledge of user experience disciplines: human-computer interaction and usability.

Campbell-Ewald strives to be the multicultural employer of choice in our industry and strongly supports equal employment opportunity.