Schematico’s CEO Responds to “Dumping” Enfatico

By Matt Van Hoven 

Raw and uncut (OK, we hit “enter” a few times to break up the paragraphs). From a comment under this story, we’ll let Schematic(o) CEO Trevor Kaufman explain things to you as he sees them.

My name is Trevor Kaufman, and I’m the CEO of Schematic.

We’re not, in any way, abandoning Enfatico. In fact, it’s quite the opposite &#151 we’re entirely committed to supporting Enfatico as it builds its digital staff, and to supporting Dell on an ongoing basis.

We’re not going away any time soon, but Enfatico’s mandate is to build an integrated and efficient model to service Dell and other clients with a single P&L, and that requires Enfatico building strong in-house digital capabilities.

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We’ve been committed from the start to helping them do so, and we’re now working out what digital staff in Austin, from Schematic and elsewhere, will now be managed directly by Enfatico.

Enfatico has been gaining speed and capabilities at a truly unprecedented rate, and as a guy who’s been involved in Enfatico since the pitch, it’s very gratfiying to watch Torrence coming on board and making such rapid progress. It’s a sincere honor to be part of his effort.

It’s definitely complicated, because staff develop relationships and loyalties and cliques, and we need to set them up to succeed no matter what our overall corporate objectives are. Our first loyalty is to them.

But while such transitions are often messy, it’s all a part of us supporting the vision for Enfatico — a vision which we very much believe in. The ramp-up was incredibly quick, and we’re very proud to have been a part of Enfatico’s growth, and now, of Enfatico’s increasing independence.

Enfatico delivers better results for Dell every day, and as Enfatico continues to grow and succeeed, we’re hoping to continue to partner with them.

Of course, occasional douchy-ness is required when working in today’s agency environment, and Schematic is no different — but in this particular case, we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to support and advance the goals of Enfatico and Dell.

And now that that’s corrected, on a side note, continued props to AgencySpy for great coverage of our industry. While this article wasn’t entirely correct, it’s still great that you sparked this dialog and continue to be a bullshit detector in the agency community. Thanks.