Leo Burnett Chicago Tops 2022 Global Creative Rankings

By Kyle O'Brien 

Leo Burnett Chicago maintained its top spot in the Global Creative Rankings 2022, which incorporates results from all of The One Club for Creativity’s leading global, regional and local awards shows.

The One Club for Creativity released its global creative rankings for 2022.

The report is a complete ranking of agencies, brands and individuals based on points earned from their winning entries in The One Show 2022, ADC 101st Annual Awards, Type Directors Club TDC68/25TDC competitions, One Asia 2022, and The One Club Denver, San Diego, and Miami chapter awards programs. The rankings are also broken down into specific regions and countries.


Leo Burnett Chicago’s top ranking is largely based on wins for “The Lost Class” on behalf of Change the Ref. The office gained the top spot in the mid-year release of the Global Creative Rankings in May 2022 at the conclusion of last year’s Creative Week, and maintained the position after the full year’s points were totaled for all One Club global, regional and local shows.

“This 2022 Global Creative Ranking is truly comprehensive, for the first time encompassing more global, regional and local awards competitions than any other source,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity in a statement. “As the industry’s foremost global nonprofit organization for the creative community, The One Club is in a unique position to provide this definitive measure for global creative excellence.”

Agency participation in the regional and local shows helps networks and holding companies with their global rankings, and WPP topped the agency holding company rankings. L&C New York came on top in the independent agency rankings while Google topped the brand rankings, and the ArtCenter College of Design Pasadena was tops in the global college rankings.