Local Collective Touts ‘World’s Most Successful Case Study’

By Kyle O'Brien 

Promotional videos for agencies are often self-congratulatory, with the shops boasting about their accomplishments and awards. Small, independent Toronto shop The Local Collective has taken bragging to a preposterously hilarious level with its new “case study.”

The Local Collective is celebrating its fourth anniversary and wanted to celebrate with a shareable video that people would find fun to watch. Instead of a rip video of its work from over the years from clients including Food Banks Canada, Mastermind Toys and Luminato, the agency decided to make a video that would go over the top and tout its connection to “local.”

The video stars a presenter who calls himself “Me” who goes to great lengths to show the many ways The Local Collective harnessed the term “local” in the media and popular culture. Utilizing clips of news media, celebrities, stock footage and questionable data science, the presenter states that the agency wanted to make itself a “household name” by seeding its name all over the globe, including into the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Jeff Bezos and Barack Obama. The result? Over 122 trillion media impressions.


“Our goal every day is to make something that is worth watching, seeing, experiencing… whatever. And for us, this was worth watching. It’s insightfully silly. It made us laugh at ourselves. And I’m not sure if there is anything better than that,” Matt Litzinger, founder and chief creative officer told Adweek.

The video ends with the presenter promoting the agency by stating that if The Local Collective can do that much to promote itself, imagine what it can do for its potential clients.