Leo Burnett Changes Approach for Special K

By Erik Oster 

Slumping Kellogg brand Special K is changing up its advertising approach, courtesy of longtime agency Leo Burnett.

While recent efforts for the brand, such as “Shhhhut Down Fat Talk” have focused on body positivity and presenting the breakfast cereal as a diet-friendly treat, with the 30-second “Eat Special. Feel Special.” Leo Burnett pivots to highlighting Special K’s nutritional benefits. The voiceover espouses the whole grains, folic acid, vitamin D and fiber in Special K, which it promises will “help a body thrive.” Leo Burnett’s change in approach is exemplified by the new tagline, which implies that the nutrients in Special K can lead to improved health, not just weight loss. Leo Burnett and Kellogg are counting on the new approach to reverse the brand’s fortunes, as Special K saw a 14.5% percent drop in US sales from 2013 to 2014, according to Euromonitor International.


“Women are moving away from the old world of dieting,” Noel Geoffroy, Kellogg’s senior vice president for morning foods marketing, explained to AdAge. “They don’t want to strictly count calories anymore. Rather, they want to eat delicious foods with positive nutrition…they want to make the calories they eat count to achieve their happy, healthy weight.”