Kiwi Creative ‘Tricked’ Into Coming Back to New Zealand

By Doug Zanger 

There may be a few reasons to choose to live in New Zealand over the U.K.

First off, Jacinda Ardern versus Boris Johnson. Ardern is a star, and if you prefer things to move backward, you might like Johnson.

Next, New Zealand’s national symbol is a flightless bird. After Brexit kicks in, the U.K. could very well have a flightless economy.


Finally, Kiwis have the most exquisite dessert on the planet: pavlova. Though the Aussies claim it, there is forensic evidence that it originated in New Zealand. (One thing in the minus column is whitebait. It’s tiny, translucent fish and it’s kind of gross.)

To be fair, we’re joking with this editorialization. The U.K. is a lovely place with one of the most important ad markets on the planet. It’s also home to some of the world’s most celebrated agencies.

Honestly, it’s Monday morning and this a decidedly lazy way of letting you know that Simon Vicars left his creative director’s gig at adam&eveDDB to return to New Zealand and Colenso BBDO as executive creative director.

A few fun facts about Vicars:

  • 44 Cannes Lions, almost half of which are gold
  • Spent six years at Colenso BBDO (2011-2017) before going to Engerland
  • Worked on Marmite, Virgin Media, Amstel and Mars at adam&eveDDB
  • Worked on Pedigree Child Replacement Programme, DB Export Brewtroleum, Monteith’s Twigs and Samsung’s Smart Phone Line in first Colenso BBDO stint

“I’ve always aimed to put myself in the same place as the most creatively ambitious people and brands,” said Vicars. “This move is a continuation of that game plan. Leading the creative output of an agency world famous for its creativity is a responsibility I don’t take lightly.”

“Simon is, without doubt, one of the most talented creatives working today. It took time to trick him into coming home but, as luck would have it, we got him back in the country before lockdown,” added Levi Slavin, CCO at Colenso BBDO. “Simon’s appointment is the final piece of the puzzle in our creative leadership. A truly flat leadership structure. One that allows all of our clients direct access to the best people and the best work.”