Illinois Lottery Tells People to ‘Get It’ With a Live Ad From Drew The Kiiid

By Kyle O'Brien 

The Illinois Lottery has teamed up with iHeartMedia Chicago and Dentsu Creative to “Get It” on the Illinois Lottery app.

The Illinois Lottery donated 30 seconds of airtime to an up-and-coming star, Drew The Kiiid, who has a small but mighty Chicago fan base. That fandom looks to get bigger as he performs a segment of his single “Get It” in a live ad on iHeartMedia Chicago WGCI.

“I’m all about making known what I want in life and then getting it,” said Drew The Kiiid in a statement. “This project is the epitome of that and definitely an experience that will follow me throughout my journey as an artist so I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.”



This activation looks to boost the Illinois Lottery’s recently launched mobile app campaign that features Drew The Kiiid’s music. The live activation aims to elevate a local artist while inviting players to “Get It” via the Illinois Lottery app.

“IHeartMedia Chicago is honored to have been selected by the Illinois Lottery to debut its first-ever live ad event with Drew The Kiiid,” said Matt Scarano, president of iHeartMedia’s Chicago Region in a statement. “IHeartMedia Chicago has a rich history of embracing rising recording artists from the Chicagoland community, and we are thrilled to showcase Chicago native Drew The Kiiid on five of our station brands.”

“Get It” also involves a vibrant, whimsical ad series featuring messaging that transitions the lottery as a forward-thinking, dynamic product. The song and the visuals elevate what the Lottery calls “B-D-E—Big Download Energy”—to generate interest among a new generation of users who can play anywhere on the app.

“We have the same rebel spirit as the ‘Get It’ campaign itself, and there’s no better way to rebel than to break an old system,” said Anne Ramsell, vp of planning for dentsu X. “So, we built a media idea that breaks the music industry by launching a new artist using our ad time and breaks radio by airing a live ad in a modern way. Just like what Illinois Lottery is doing with the app, what’s old is new again.”

The campaign is the first from Dentsu Creative, which won the Illinois Lottery business earlier this year, building upon the existing relationship the brand had with dentsu X as its media AOR.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with iHeartMedia Chicago to debut our first-ever live ad event to launch a new Chicago-based artist. The Illinois Lottery champions the idea that Illinois is ‘Full of Winners’ and we are proud to be able to create a winning experience for Drew the Kiiid and a platform for him to share his music. The energy and enthusiasm of his music is the perfect soundtrack to promote the excitement of the Illinois Lottery app,” said Marisa Zimmerman, vp of marketing at Camelot Illinois, which operates the Illinois Lottery.