HUGE Parts with Dir. of Tech Who Has Formed Marketing Platform

By Matt Van Hoven 

Loren Davie started at HUGE in 2008 and as the director of technology built up the company’s tech department “from the small group of client side developers…to a group of over 30 that includes client and server-side developers, tech leads, QA, technology producers and so forth.” Davie’s last day at the shop was Friday, and is yet to be replaced. But we found out what he’ll be up to next.

Though tech oft falls in the unsexy bin, agencies are increasingly reliant upon software built by people like Davie whose current development is “a tool for web marketers to easily personalize the content on their websites in response to observed user behavior.” The company, Saaspire, is developing a product called Charlotte that will be available in Beta by April, says Davie.

Where have we heard that before? AOL’s latest product, SEED, is similar &#151 helping the company better predict trending-subjects to write about. Not the same thing, but on a similar track.


“…our emphasis is more on creating a great platform for web developers, and tools for website marketers, to allow them to iterate on their websites and improve them over time,” writes Davie. “So in a way this is ‘web personalization for the rest of us’, if you’ll excuse the cliche.”

Saaspire is currently under construction.

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