Jimmy Kimmel Sketch Could Either Hurt or Help Spanx Sales

By Kiran Aditham 

Not only was it funnier than the Oscars itself (save for a few Baldwin/Martin quips), but last night’s star-studded Jimmy Kimmel sketch about “The Handsome Men’s Club” perhaps most memorably gave a shout-out to “compression undershirt” Spanx.

Judging by the ridicule and the crowd’s laughter, we’re wondering if this is the kind of product placement the brand was hoping for. Regardless, it is a timely plug considering that Spanx just launched its tummy-tucking cotton undergarment for guys–though some of the reviews haven’t been too kind thus far.


While the Spanx mention is obvious, we have to ask what’s with the pretty noticeable AIM logo under the mug of Ted Danson? Does anyone use this over Skype or is this just part of AOL’s new marketing plan?

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