Overheard in Advertising: Reebok has Lost its Way

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ever since it was bought by Adidas, Reebok has been a ship without a brand identity. That became glaringly obvious after the shoe-maker’s most recent campaign debuted &#151 Reetone, for the beautiful-butt-molding EasyTone line of kicks. As happens in this business, we overhear conversations and this is a direct quote from a Reebok employee, overheard in New York (it’s nothing you couldn’t have guessed):

“Reebok basically doesn’t have a brand anymore,” said the employee at a recent media event we attended. “The decision to go with ‘sexy’ for those EasyTone ads was because [Reebok] knew they’d go viral and that pretty much nothing else would work.”

As they say &#151 when your brand has no other story to tell, use sex(y butts).

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