Havas Media Launches Program to Direct Revenue to Black and Hispanic Owned Broadcasters

By Kyle O'Brien 

As part of its ongoing diversity pledge, Havas Media Group has launched BIPOC Media Connections, a program designed to help advertisers direct more revenue to Black-owned and Hispanic-owned radio stations.

Over 180 minority-owned radio stations across the U.S. are participating in the program, including those represented by Katz Media Group and Gen Media Partners. BIPOC Media Connections is designed to help marketers more easily connect with millions of Black and Hispanic consumers they might not normally reach, and gives them a more efficient way to access and place buys on Black and Hispanic-owned stations at scale with the ability to customize delivery.

“In a time where consumer and client sentiment are focused on social action in many forms, we felt it was important to collaborate in launching a product like BIPOC Media Connections. Products like this and our Social Equity Marketplace allow clients to take positive actions with their media spend,” said Peter Mears, global CEO, in a statement.


“Radio has a very powerful and meaningful connection in the Black and Hispanic communities it serves,” Mark Gray, chief executive officer of Katz Media Group, added in a statement. “We are proud to support long-time partner Havas and amplify this important program dedicated to making it more efficient for advertisers to invest on minority-owned radio stations nationwide.”

The initiative falls in line with Havas’ pledge to hire more diverse talent and commit to be more transparent in its diversity efforts. Last year, the agency group released its U.S. diversity workforce data with a pledge to take steps to make positive changes in its diversity practices. Havas also launched social equity private marketplace last summer, made up of BIPOC and LGTBQ+-owned media businesses, so clients could positively invest funds in underrepresented businesses.