Grey Düsseldorf Crafts Odes to Clothing for Lenor

By Erik Oster 

Grey Düsseldorf launched a new campaign for fabric softener brand, Lenor featuring odes to skirts, trousers, shirts and scarves.

“Lovely Skirt” (featured above), for example, describes the garment as a “a symbol of femininity,” and “short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the basics.” The voiceover is paired with an interesting array of images spanning from the fifties to the modern day, ending by tying it to the brand with the line “Because you are all of this and so much more, you deserve a little Lenor.” Other spots, all of which run 90-seconds, feature similar odes to trousers, shirts and scarves. It’s an interesting approach, admirable for breaking from category formulas, ultimately conveying the message that if you love your clothes they deserve the Lenor treatment. The problem is that it takes so long for the spots to arrive at the message; while there’s a lot of interesting footage in each spot’s 90 seconds, the brand isn’t even messaged until the very end, by which time many viewers may have lost interest and stopped paying attention.

“Clothes can sometimes seem very superficial, but people have a deep-rooted attachment to them,” Lenor associate brand director Sophia Mousdraka explained to LBB. “They can be our identity, a statement of individuality or of conformity, they can revive memories or they can be status symbols. And as a fabric care brand we feel that whatever clothes mean to people they should treat them with a little Lenor.”


Creative Agency: GREY Düsseldorf
Producer: Nina Koehler
Executive Creative Director: Mark Hendy and Neil Elliot
Creatives: Mark Hendy, Neil Elliot, Phillip Benner & Saurabh Kejriwal
Creative: (Supervisor) Philip Benner and Arkadius Wenglorz
Account Director: Franziska Fischer

Production Company: The Director Studio
Producer: Jody Winterbottom
Director: Joe Roberts

Post Production / VFX
Producer: Jody Winterbottom, René Blumberg
Post Production House: The Director Studio / Final Cut / The Marmalade

Music and Sound
Music Production: Hastings
Composer: Mario da Ragnio
Voice-over: Neil Elliot, Melkorka Oskarsdottir

Editor: Steve Ackroyd
Edit Company: Final Cut