Joint London Gets Cute for Amazon Prime

By Erik Oster 

Joint London launched a new spot for Amazon Prime, promoting one day delivery with the creatively-titled 60-second “Dog.”

The spot follows on the heels of Joint London’s “Nursery” (featured below) for the brand, similarly employing cuteness to grab viewers’ attention, in this case of the canine variety. “Dog” opens on a young man walking through the park with his dog, who struggles to keep up while limping along with a bum leg in a cast. Noticing that his canine companion is unable to enjoy the park in his state, the man whips out his smart phone and turns to Amazon Prime to make things better. The next day, the item has already arrived, allowing his dog to have a much more enjoyable time while he walks the park. Despite perhaps stretching an idea that could have been executed in 30 seconds to a full 60, the spot manages to grab viewers attention with the seriously cute dog while also effectively placing Amazon Prime as the solution to the man (and dog’s) dilemma. With dogs and kids already checked off the list, it stands to reason that cats are next on the list for Joint London.


Creative Agency: Joint London
CTV Producer: Claudio Gorini
Creative Director: Damon Collins
Creative: Algy Sharman / Al Brown


Production Company: Thomas Thomas
Photographer : Bob Pendar-Hughes
Executive Producer: Philippa Thomas
Director: Kevin Thomas
Producer: Trent Simpson

Music and Sound
Sound Design: Factory

Editor: Scot Crane @ The Quarry
Post Production / VFX
Post Production House: The Mill