G2 Brings More Bodies Into The Fold

By SuperSpy 

G2 Worldwide, which has its issues, has made an acquisition. Upon regulatory approval, G2 will acquire a majority stake in India’s Chateux Hospitality Pvt. Ltd – a marketing and relationship management firm. Founded in 1998, Chateux Hospitality employs 148 people and is based in Gurgoan, with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. Clients include American Express, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, AIG, Nestle, Eli Lilly, HP India, and Hero Honda.

This investment is part of the initiative to spur G2’s growth and make them a global powerhouse. Last year, G2 acquired Refinery and China’s Star Echo. Joe Celia, Global Chairman and CEO, G2, said:

“Continued growth will remain a priority for us this year as our capabilities broaden in the critical APAC region and beyond.”


Hunh. You guys might want to get better at this whole “acquiring thing” if you’re going to keep doing it, yeah? G2’s acquisition of Refinery was a disaster. There were high level resignations. Unhappy employees. Maybe they should set home base straight before tying on yet another shop. You know what… I’m going to let the employees (past and present) speak for themselves. Comments on Agency Spy regarding G2:

I Love It said:

“Hmmm, I find this commentary very funny, no strike that extremely funny. This mass exodus from G2 has been going on for over a year so it is nothing new and I am sure it will continue to happen. On my Aol IM I keep a count of former G2 employees and it now reads at 29 that have left. After reading these posts, apparently it needs to be updated. Sorry Sara. You are now officially added to the for G2 pile.

Yes, I was one of the 29 and counting former G2 staffers. Nope I am not biter or one of the ones that couldn’t hack it. I was one that was tired of the back stabbing and the poor senior management styles. I will not go into how bad Mallory is/was and how bad Jan is at managing people with her wonderfully absurd language. At one point I stared keeping a journal of all the interesting words she would use to describe people. (i.e. creatures) Oh I am enjoying. Seems like the chickens are coming home to roost.

Let’s say you can be a friend to G2 today and the favorite child and the bane of their existence tomorrow. One thing to think about is this, if the problems at G2 was because of the 29+ that were fired or resigned then shouldn’t it be better at this point. The only consistent factor seems to be Jan and Mallory. I wonder what G2 would look like if they were released of their duties years ago…..If there was a true alternate reality…..”

Love It Or Hate It said:

“And I will reinforce, the people who work at G2/Grey Interactive are a talented, smart group of individuals that are and will lead successful careers in advertising. There is no lack of talent in regards to current and past employees (past includes those who have and have NOT left on their own terms) There is lack of leadership. What is missing is leadership that wants to get rid of the negative attitude that has poisoned the agency. When in fact,the current (and recently outed) leadership team puts their own personal agenda and insecurities in front of producing good work and keeping good people.

Sad as it is, members of the managment team did it to themselves and deserve to fail.”

White Chocolate said:

“I worked at G2 few years ago. I remember having the most crazy fantastic moments with possibly the most insane group of people there. Everybody had fun except the few who didn’t fit in and ultimately chose to leave. I was 100% sure that there was no other agencies with culture and ambience that can match up to G2’s. It was unbelievably great. Now the new era has begun w/ new exec level. ppl of G2 and Grey all are mixed up and stuck between the chaotic internal politics in the upper level. It’s sad to see a corp.culture so hard to find evaporate. the old crew is leaving the place one by one, and i must say I can’t blame them.”