Friday (the 13th) Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Amazon Prime asked the British public to create a horror film, timed nicely with Friday the 13th. No, it was not about the election yesterday, but rather based on interviews on the streets suggesting the plot. Spoiler alert: Santa is Evil. Work comes from agency Ralph.

-Speaking of evil, here’s a bonus video. Boris Johnson in a Love, Actually parody. More gruesome than Amazon Prime’s.

-72andSunny has had better days. Keith Cartwright is leaving L.A., and Justine Armour bolted from the NYC office to Grey NY.


-WeWork’s SEO and content marketing agency has repurchased itself. Whew.

-The next star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is… the Chevy Suburban???!!!

-We hear from Monica Ruiz, the actress in that Peloton ad (and the subsequent mitzvah that is the Aviation Gin follow-up). She blames all of the outcry on… her face?

Will the government try to block Facebook’s integration of Instagram and WhatsApp?

-Meanwhile, in London.

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