Friday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Minneapolis agency Periscope launched a b-to-b campaign for Intuit QuickBooks which positions accountants as an important partner (video above). The campaign, which was shot remotely after the pandemic hit, uses real accountants. The agency partnered with production company Society Films to bring the effort to life.

-Adweek examines how San Francisco has failed to deliver progress on diversity and inclusion and the experiences of Black advertising professionals in the city.

JPMorgan Chase launched a global media review. Incumbent Zenith is defending in the process.


Cream of Wheat is removing an image of a Black chef from its logo and packaging due to backlash from consumers who found the logo offensive. The brand claims the image is based on Chicago master chef Frank L. White.

Hootsuite decided to terminate its contract with ICE, following employee backlash.

-As You Sow has been unable to reach an agreement with P&G on diversity disclosure.

-HP released its agency diversity scorecard.