Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Courage’s first Canadian work for Kit Kat since announcing them as a client in August takes on AI. The campaign shows that if you prompt AI with the term “have a break, and then” ask it a question, it will perform with more accuracy. Taking its tips from a favorite candy bar, “Have AI Break” is both practical and tasty.

-The New York Festivals Health Awards has named its pharma and health and wellness executive jury panels for the 2024 competition. For the live sessions in New York City are Susan Perlbachs, chief creative officer for Eversana Intouch, steering the health and wellness executive jury panel and Bruno Abner, executive creative director for Grey Health, guiding the pharma executive jury. The panels include executives from Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, McKinney Health, Dentsu Health, Havas Health & You and Klick Health, among others.

Advertisement has introduced a new campaign, “Introductions,” by Anomaly. In the first film, “The Artist” a dad tries to relate and connect with his teenage daughter, who is more interested in sketching in her notebook with her headphones in. With the app, he books a stay at the artsy Hotel Palau Fugit in Spain, with a world-class restaurant and spa that they will both love—and where he’ll gain cool dad status.

-Super Bowl advertisers are starting to release their latest plans, including Pringles, Kia, Uber Eats, BetMGM and Scroll through the latest in the Adweek Super Bowl ad tracker.

-Highdive is back in the Super Bowl, this time with Vince Vaughn, Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky for BetMGM.

-10 years after its creation, Hello bank! is accelerating its promise in a new brand platform. “Online, only better,” by Marcel agency (Publicis Groupe) and the bank imagined a new campaign with the help of Quebec director François Lallier. Three films produced by Prodigious features people in various states of compromise, something that Hello bank! doesn’t ask of its customers.

-McAfee, a leader in online protection, launched its new brand campaign, “McAfee is like,” led by Anomaly, showcasing the ways McAfee’s technology helps protect users through the McAfee+ product and features, like acting as a lie detector or having a private detective.