Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-WTTW has been an integral part of Chicago since 1955. A premier public media organization covering Chicago’s communities, WTTW is trusted for telling the stories of the people who live, work and play in Chicago. To continue to build awareness for WTTW News, the station partnered with two other Chicago natives: musician, actor, artist, producer and activist Common and Ad Agency Two by Four. Together, they created a campaign that showcases the unique stories that have shaped Chicago and the people who live them. For the campaign, Two by Four focused on what WTTW does best—represent, reflect and highlight the stories of real Chicagoans and their neighborhoods.

-Roku and Spotify announced they are teaming up to bring video ads to Spotify’s app on Roku, expanding the companies’ existing partnership.


-For many Spanglish speakers, it’s not just slang or a fad; it’s a way of navigating between two worlds, and that holds true in advertising, writes Sandy Archila, a marketing executive in the television entertainment industry.

-If you missed the latest Brandweek or just want to rewatch your favorite session, you can find all 35 main stage sessions in the gallery here.

-Small and midsize agencies find landing new business increasingly difficult, according to a new study by RSW/US.

-The cinema release of Dumb Money is being targeted by Britain’s financial watchdog with a campaign that aims to warn people about high-risk investments.

-In the Sunshine State, entertainment revolves around the sun. But the Florida Lottery is giving the Sun some time to relax with its new $5 million Triple Match scratch-offs. The campaign, “More Fun Under the Sun,” was created by longtime agency of record PPK. The new creative introduces Florida’s most famous resident, the Sun, as the Florida Lottery’s newest spokesperson.