Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The world is filled with surprises. Like discovering your new neighbor talks to seagulls, or how finding out that Catalina Crunch cereal is super tasty and has zero sugar. The cereal brand has launched its first nationwide campaign, created in collaboration with its newly appointed agency, SuperHeroes NY.

-Empower Media is entering a new era of ownership and leadership, as Ashlee Clarke becomes the majority shareholder and CEO of the independent agency.


-Adweek talked with Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland about his latest venture, as well as to baffled skeptics regarding his attempt to rehabilitate his reputation.

-PAWS NY, a nonprofit pet organization, has a new film by Klick Health that shows that pets are not just great companions, but are powerful healing aids.

-With its new campaign from Deutsch NY, “For the Sport of It,” betting site Betway is focusing less on winning and more on fandom as a unifier.

-Dentsu has named Paolo Stucchi, a 12-year veteran of the agency network, to head up its EMEA media division.

-Mercedes-Benz has never really had a mascot, but at CES, a dachshund named Superdackel appears to be the new face of the brand.

-In December, fast food outlets Checkers & Rally’s had a lottery campaign to select two people to spend Friday (Fry-Day) the 13th in a shelter experience to wait out the “scariest” day on the calendar. The winners, Michael Chenosky and son Michael Chenosky Jr. will spend the coming weekend in The Frunker, an underground fry-themed bunker stocked with essentials to stay safe, secure and seasoned. The duo was randomly selected from 7,000 entries. The idea was dreamed up by Checkers & Rally’s lead ad agency Fitzco in Atlanta.

Checkers & Rally’s made a Frunker, a fry bunker for fans to wait out Friday the 13th.