Friday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee Comment

-84 Lumber is still looking for job applicants who weren’t experienced enough to be astronauts. We don’t really get this ad, but thankfully we don’t have to wonder about their CEO’s position on immigration this time.

-Seattle digital agency Smashing Ideas signed Kevin Wick (formerly of frog, Blast Radius, etc.) as its new creative director.

-Stagwell Group, led by former Clinton pollster and WPP/Microsoft dude Mark Penn, has acquired Atlanta-based agency Scout. The creative shop focuses on healthcare clients.

-Nordstrom is looking for a new media agency. Incumbent Mindshare will not defend.

-Wongdoody had a “take your kids to work day,” which means no more twerking videos!

-YouTube appears to have emerged unscathed from the “brand safety” controversy. Gamers, however, will be forever traumatized.

-Not sure how we missed this one, but apparently “a stricter admission policy for bars and hotels” threatens to totally change the Cannes experience this year!! Now how will things be different at the Gutter Bar?