The Wonderful Agency Makes Teleflora Mother’s Day Delivery

By Erik Oster 

With Mother’s Day not far away, it’s the season for schmaltzy odes to mom, and boy does The Wonderful Company’s Teleflora brand have that one covered.

The company’s in-house Wonderful Agency, launched a “Just Like Her” Mother’s Day campaign centered around a two-minute spot of the same title. It opens with the declaration that “You are not your mother,” before going on to list all the ways you are “just like her.” These include hating losing, being determined and sharing her courage and compassion, wich all leads to how you should get her a nice Teleflora bouquet for Mother’s Day, naturally.

But it’s a different ad making a splash online. A lengthy spot entitled “Ryan’s unforgettable Mother’s Day delivery to Mom” follows the story of Ryan, a Marine who can’t spend much time with his mom, and his Teleflora delivery, which is accompanied by a personal video. In the video, Ryan explains how his mom gave up being an athlete to raise him as a single parent and inspired him to be the man he has become. The spot ends with a twist that is not so surprising if you’re at all familiar with these affairs. Uploaded on April 26, “Ryan’s unforgettable Mother’s Day delivery to Mom” racked up around 12 million views within a day, as moms everywhere undoubtedly shared it on Facebook.

Brand | Teleflora
David Dancer: Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing
Kelly McKeone: Vice President, Consumer and Florist Marketing
Danielle Mason: Senior Director, Consumer Marketing
Eric Santana: Director, Project Management

Agency: Wonderful Agency
Mike Perdigao: President
Andrés Conde: Group Director of Digital
Meghann Bass: Associate Creative Director, Digital
Heather Sison: Art Director, Digital
Janna Carney: Senior Copywriter, Digital
Kevin Laronda: Copywriter, Digital
Nicole Klein: Senior Digital Producer
Anne Kurtzman: Head of Production
Matthew Conrad: Broadcast Producer

Production Company: Studio M
Executive Producer: Mike Mills
Director: Bryan Reid
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