Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Vice-owned Virtue understands The Youth of Today, as one can clearly see from this Bushmill’s ad consisting of a bunch of gingers getting rowdy (because maybe it’s always Friday in their world).

-GS&P has hired San Francisco streetwear and logo designer Benny Gold as the newest member of its creative department. He is closing his Valencia Street store.

-In case you missed it, Mistress is now called The Many. How many? Click here for a big surprise.


-And another one: TBWA L.A. beat out 4 other West Coast shops to win lead creative duties for almond company Blue Diamond.

-Since people don’t want politics in the Super Bowl, some brands are getting serious. Like Verizon, for example.

-And remember last year’s Super Bowl spot for Blacture, the media platform Pras Michel was supposed to launch in 2018? That venture is still in talks with investors and “may run an ad in next month’s” game, according to the WSJ.

-Here’s an interesting twist on the in-housing trend: cheesemaker Arla has established its own team via a deal with Accenture and Karmarama.

-Amazon already rules the world, but it’s “not there yet” on influencer marketing.

-San Francisco’s Odysseus Arms hired junior strategist Caroline Sinclair and art director Katherine Stewart.

-Bicoastal production company Imposter launched this week with executive producer Avtar Khalsa in the lead.