Friday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-A baby in Japan has a full head of gorgeous, luxurious 80s rocker band hair. And Pantene decides to tell the story about that prodigious lid.

-From the department of kinda creepy, Walgreens is testing out cooler doors with cameras to target people with ads based on a few criteria like perceived age (nothing will go wrong with that), gender (again, a slippery slope) and the weather.


Jimmy Kimmel is a partner in an entertainment company—and that company took a stake in content agency Portal A.

-Subway named an acting CMO, so mcgarrybowen is all good.

-San Francisco design agency Astro Studios (Xbox, Nike) promoted Norio Fujikawa to executive creative director after 14 years. Check out his visual art.

-What’s your Sopranos nickname? HBO pulled an Old Spice and created some for brands and celebs.

-We know Facebook can make you feel depressed, but this study indicates that it may affect your physical well-being, too. So go take a walk, or meet some people IRL.

-CES is still one big bro-fest.

-Denmark is planning on building nine artificial islands to create Europe’s own version of Silicon Valley.