Interesting Development and WordPress Will Help You Do (or at Least Publish) Anything

By Patrick Coffee 

So in case you missed it, an agency with one of our favorite names recently adopted another one of our favorite names as Office of Baby became Interesting Development, which is not quite the same as ALF’s response to the hypnotic motion of a flushing toilet flushing (we just showed our age).

Why did they do it? Read this explanation from founder Paul Caiozzo.

At any rate, the New York shop has some quality work out there including this recent effort for WordPress, the business that launched a thousand blogs. It is, in fact, the company’s first national brand campaign since its debut more than a decade ago.


The point we take from this :30 is that WordPress today isn’t just about giving jaded insiders a platform to spill tea about their industries (ha).

Did Evil Mr. Rogers do all that with WordPress? The story of the man and his shrink ray continued with print ads in The New Yorker and one on

The release also reminds us that, beyond humble blogs, WordPress also powers sites like and News Corp.

But it’s not just for editorial stuff, see. Last week saw the launch of “Anything Is Possible,” a list of groups and businesses and entrepreneurs chosen by WordPress to represent what it can do.

Did you know that you could use WordPress to start a hair salon? Neither did we. (Interesting Development did not create this part of the campaign.)

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Agency: Interesting Development
Campaign: “Build a Website That Can”

Chief Creatived Officer: Paul Caiozzo
Executive Creative Director: Nathan Frank
Creative Director: Johan Leandersson
Copywriter: Prit Patel
Head of Production: Mai Huynh
Managing Director: Tamera Geddes

Production Company: Landia
Director: Miguel Campaña
Executive Producers: Juan Pablo Taylor, Julian Castro
Director of Photography: Emilio Valdez
Art Director: Claudio Castelli

Editorial: No6
Executive Producer: Corina Dennison
Producer: Malia Rose
Editor: Jason Macdonald
Assistant Editor: Maggie Sloane
Flame: Ed Skupeen
Flame Assistant: Mark Reyes

Sastre VFX
VFX Supervisor, Lead Compositor: Alejandro Taylor

3D Generalist: Esteban Ponce