Old Spice Guy Proposes For Fan, She Says "Yes!" [Video]

Old Spice has taken their campaign with the man your man could smell like to a whole new level with personalized videos, dedicated to specific fans on the social web. The company is singling out fans on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and sending video shout-outs to them. The Old Spice guy has already thanked more than 60 fans via YouTube clips. Our personal favorite clip? He proposes to one fan’s girlfriend for him. And she says, “yes!”

Yesterday, Twitter user @Jsbeals sent @OldSpice a Tweet asking the Old Spice guy if he could ask his girlfriend, Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin, to marry him.

A couple of hours later, a tweet went up on Old Spice’s Twitter account, linking to a new YouTube video of the Old Spice guy proposing for Jsbeals, complete with romantic candles, a diamond ring and a slightly disconcerting proposal speech. “It seems like yesterday that you met Jsbeals, but your love has blossomed from a seed into a fully grown love plant, and now it’s time to fertilize that plant.”

Shortly after the proposal clip went up on YouTube, a new tweet went up on Jsbeals Twitter account – “She said YES!” Congratulations Jsbeals and Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin. I don’t know if I can imagine a more exciting proposal than one from the man you wish your man could smell like. But I think the question on all of our minds is, is Jsbeals an Old Spice man?
I have to give Old Spice every last drop of Kudos in the world for this campaign, which started yesterday morning with a tweet from Old Spice stating that, “Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter, or maybe the Old Spice man shows up.” Within no time, videos started going up on the Old Spice YouTube channel, singling out specific fans and thanking them for comments, support or just responding to their silly questions.
Shout-outs went out to big names like @TheEllenShow, @KevinRose and @aplusk. However, the Old Spice didn’t discriminate, also sending shout-outs to every day Joes with only a few Twitter followers or Facebook friends. With so many fans being targeted the campaign spread like wild fire. It was picked up by bloggers, links were posted to Facebook and tweets to the @OldSpice account poured in at a constant rate, as twitter hopefuls tried to inspire videos about themselves.
Until now, Old Spice’s man your man could smell like was insanely popular, with millions of views. However, this new campaign has taken things to the next level. Involving the fans, singling them out by name and creating a dialogue with them is an amazing way to spread the love and get people even more excited about the brand and the campaign. I know it makes me want to run out and buy some Old Spice – if only they made products for women…
Have you been following the Old Spice guy’s YouTube video campaign? What do you think of it? Have you gotten a personalized shout-out? If so, please share links with us in the comments!