Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Lil Jon tells viewers to “succeed” and “get pumped” so many times in this Fallon Minneapolis spot for SToK cold brew coffee that he might just have a second career as a thought leader.

-The new CMO at everyone’s favorite social network is the man who told your agencies to go ahead and get more diverse for their own damn good.

-W+K London is one year shy of drinking age in the States. Check out their story so far, Campaign subscribers!

-A little ironic that Fox Sports is betting big on the NFL, along with Thursday night sponsors Verizon and Toyota.

-Here’s an encouraging stat for a Friday: spending on print ads is expected to rise for the first time in 7 years in 2018.

-Oh, also: TV ads are more effective than digital, according to some study. We knew it!

-Ad Contrarian argues, again, that personal privacy is way more important than the value advertisers take from tracking people online. Nobody tell the ANA.

Joe Lampertius, formerly CEO of shopper marketing at Grey, is headed back to his old grounds at Momentum Worldwide for a dual gig as EVP of strategic partnerships and growth and both Momentum and its design division ChaseDesign.