VaynerMedia and the Clydesdales Introduce the Budweiser-Jim Beam Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted

By Patrick Coffee 

Beer. Bourbon. We’re partial to both.

In fact, we sometimes drink one after the other or even, on crazier nights, at the same damn time. A certain classic tagline comes to mind… what could it be?

The marketers at AB InBev and Beam Suntory recently figured they could kill two mildly intoxicated birds with one stone inspired by that classic “beer and a shot” combo that will set you back $10 in the Midwest and $25 in some downtown club on a Saturday night (we assume).

For the rollout they turned to our good friends at VaynerMedia, who hustled all the way back to their Nashville roots for some slammin’ bar action starring singer Kassi Ashton. It’s a little bit country and it’s a little bit rock n’ roll.

Has it been a long time coming, though? How long, exactly?

Barrel-aged beers are kind of old school. We hear they first came out in the ’90s via our friends at Goose Island, which is based in Chicago and nowhere near bourbon country. (Don’t let anyone tell you that geography doesn’t matter when it comes to whiskey.) But this is still a new thing for Budweiser, and it will be available in “heritage glass bottles” as well as the standard taps at your neighborhood watering hole.

That’s not all: the launch also comes on the 85th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition, so have a drink and re-watch Boardwalk Empire. Or don’t. It was a pretty disappointing show.