Forsman & Bodenfors Slows Down Drivers for If Insurance

By Erik Oster 

Forsman & Bodenfors found a way to slow down drivers around areas with children for If Insurance with the “Slow Down GPS” app.

The agency worked with digital production companies Starcut and Earth People to design an app addressing the problem of drivers going too fast in areas close to schools and daycare centers, where there are likely to be children. “Slow Down GPS” works like any other GPS app, with one exception: when drivers approach such areas, the GPS audio switches to a child’s voice, reminding drivers to watch out for young ones. It’s a simple idea, but a clever one with the potential for positive impact in aiding a very real problem. The first version of the app, which is available as a free download, uses GPS locations of schools and daycare centers in the Nordic area, but If is calling for people to submit further locations in a crowd-sourcing effort to expand the app. Hopefully the idea catches on in other areas.


Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Producer: Magnus Kennhed
Planner: Lars Friberg
Digital Producer: Andreas Johansson
Designer: Johan Fredriksson
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten
Art Director: Samuel Åkesson
Strategist: Maja Bredberg
Account Manager: Kristina Wilmar, Joachim Levin
Account Director: Maria Bergkvist


Production Company: Bacon
Producer: Sophie Hedberg
Executive Producer: Ylva Axell
DOP: Fredrik Wenzel
Director: Tarik Saleh

Digital Production Company
App Production: Starcut
App/Digital Production: Earth People

Editor: Joakim Pietras