Pepsi, AMV BBDO Finally Find a Purpose for Drones

By Patrick Coffee 

Drones have been your new best friends since 2014. Whether filming remote G.E. plants, delivering puppies or replacing chief creative officers, they remain all the rage back home in your agency’s “throw mud at the wall” innovation meetings.

Now AMV BBDO, in collaboration with RSA and directing collective O.M.D. (not the band), may have discovered the first truly productive use for these newfangled flying machines: finding your stoned friends at a dance music festival.

O.M.D. and AMV BBDO creative team Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lassgott made this one happen with the help of “three practical working ‘Friend Finders'” and shot it at a real festival in order to make it more authentic.

Now the drone needs to be able to tell EDM fans how many hits of molly their missing friends have ingested in the interest of both convenience and public health.

Also: what was going on in the bushes? We may never know.



Production Manager: Rob Mercer

Production Assistant: Boris Franchi

Producer: Ben Porter

Creatives: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lassgott

VFX Supervisor: Angus Wilson

Production Company: RSA

Director: M.O.D.

Art Director: Caroline Story

ADs: James Sharpe, Clara Paris