Forrester: Apple Wants to Do Your Home?

By Matt Van Hoven 

James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc., told ComputerWorld that, “The home is the most likely path for Apple, given the other alternatives…In mobile, for example, Apple just can’t go far enough.”

Forrester predicts that in five years, the megalith will be so vital that they’ll have hardware to connect your computer with, yes, wall clocks. WTF?

More from Sr. McQuivey:

“Apple has never been about only selling technologies. What it’s really interested in, at least since Jobs’ return, has been in having a love affair with consumers. And there’s no better place for that love affair to culminate than in the home and the living room.”

So Forrester, you’re predicting Apple will grow? I hope there wasn’t too much money spent figuring that one out. I need another Captain Obvious picture…

Just a note &#151 how awesome is this image? Apple should jump all over the idea, and pretend they hate it. Hmm, who’s to say they aren’t already doing that? I wonder how “Let’s Get it On” feels…