Grey’s “Innovative” Spot for Canon

By Matt Van Hoven 

Let’s Go Digital, a techy little digital imaging online mag. thinks Canon’s newest spot, put together by the folks at Grey is the shiznittle.

“For ‘Journey,’ the new EOS Rebel XSi television commercial, Canon did something innovative with professional digital cameras. Tapping into the creative talents at Grey New York, the advertising team crafted the idea of shooting nearly an entire television commercial using Canon digital still cameras. After the first few seconds of film footage, the commercial goes through a blending of still images stitched together to give the impression of motion.”

Wow guys, that sounds an awful lot like a motion picture &#151 some might even say, a movie?

We regret to inform you that your “innovation” was actually the creative work of Frenchman Louis Lumiere in 1895. But the music is nice. Stick with Maria and the dog.

So who is responsible for this exciting new idea (insert sarcasm emoticon)? None other than (of course) ECD Tor Myhren, CD/AD Stephen Krauss and CD/Copywriter Ari Halper. Bravo.

Check out the spot here.

Update: The innovative part is what got to me. Sounded like they were taking credit for the invention of the motion picture. So maybe it’s the hacks I should be gribbling with, but this type of over promotion of work is soooo Grey. Yes, the piece is interesting, but innovation in advertising happens once, maybe twice a year and this isn’t one of those times.