Could Google Pick the Next U.S. Prez?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Web savvy has infiltrated the presidential primaries yet again this election season. Numbers released from the Baraq (Wow) Barack Obama camp reveal some damn interesting data.

Turns out, the dude has spent $2.8 million on Google based ads &#151 surprisingly enough very little of that is presumed to have ended up in politically based sites, blogs etc.

So how much did Obama spend total? ClickZ tells us $3.47 million.

More on where his cash is going:

“Like countless commercial advertisers, the Obama camp has gravitated towards performance-based ad buys, and not only on Google. The other top recipients of his campaign’s online ad dollars specialize in cost-per-action ads as well. In addition to Yahoo search ads, payments to performance ad networks including Specific Media, Pulse360, Microsoft-owned DrivePM and AOL-owned Quigo also showed up in FEC filings reflecting spending between January and April.”

Turns out Yahoo only got $180,000 and Microsoft saw practically nothing.

Anybody’s guess as to the implications of this and other Google takeovers &#151 most notably how the relationship would pan out for Google and Obama should he win.