Foot Locker and MOFILM Just Called You Lazy

By Patrick Coffee 

While we and (presumably) a majority of our readers were drinking, eating “brunch” and otherwise resting upon our stereotypically pasty posteriors yesterday, lots of other people were out running around our city.

One of them was Philip Clark — and unlike us, he would have a very real excuse for not running anywhere at all.

While interviewing various participants in the Foot Locker “All Runners Welcome” project, the director of this spot (which ran during the race yesterday) apparently met Mr. Clark and arranged for him to star with the help of MOFILM, a “crowdsourcing agency that discovers new talent and fresh ideas for brands through creative competitions.”


All parties succeeded in making us feel guilty about our own inactivity.

On a side note, remember when the Chilean miner finished the Marathon four years ago, even after walking ten miles thanks to knee pain?

Client: Foot Locker

Spot: “I’m A Runner”
Agency: MOFILM
Executive Creative Director: David Alberts
CEO: Jeffrey Merrihue
Senior Account Director: Sarah Bixler
Director/Editor: Landon Donoho
Producer/Concept: Melissa Lahti
Asst. Producer: Allen Wier
Grip/Swing: John Rock, Cameron Cristoff
Sound Design: Kenneth Lovell