FCB Chicago Shares Some Strange Ideas for Verisign

By Erik Oster 

FCB Chicago has a new campaign for Internet domain-name company Verisign that takes things in strange and often creepy directions.

In “Fish on a Bus” (featured above), by far the creepiest of the bunch, a man is sitting on a bus notices a creepy-looking costumed fish character in the back. The next time he looks up, the fish is closer and when he moves his seat, the fish moves right near him. When the man gets off the bus he initially thinks he’s in the clear but soon the fish appears out of nowhere and punches him in the face, followed by the line, “You never know when an idea will hit you.” It is then that the fish character is reveled as a mascot for the man’s indoor fish pond company, as he successfully selects a domain name.

Other spots in the ad follow the anthropomorphized idea approach, with a flirtatious bee, aggressive cabbage, and dancing cake offering different takes on the moment an idea strikes. Stick around after the jump to see some of the strange results for yourself.


Client: Verisign
Agency: FCB Chicago
Todd Tilford, Chief Creative Officer
Teddy Brown, Group Creative Director
Tyler Hattery, Creative Director
Alison Hammer, Associate Creative Director
Chris Bing, Director of Broadcast Production
Lara Hurnevich, Producer
Hollie Platte, Management Director