FCB Toronto Tells Goyim Everywhere That They’re ‘Jewish Enough’

By Erik Oster 

FCB Toronto launched a campaign for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival letting viewers know you don’t have to be Kosher, know what Purim is or even eat sabbath dinner with your bubbe to enjoy the festival–you just have to appreciate good movies that were made by Jewish people.

There are several variations on this theme.

A series of 15-second spots show how Jewish cultural touchstones have been assimilated by goyim everywhere while designating those who enjoy such customs as “Jewish enough” for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, which runs May 5-15. In “Bagel” for example, a woman toasts a morning bagel at the office. As the bagel pops out of the toaster, what may or may not be a shofar sounds and text appears onscreen designating the woman as “Jewish enough.” Other spots award the designation to goyim grooming beards or saying “gesundheit” when a co-worker sneezes.

Another spot takes the concept to a slightly more ridiculous place with an implied circumcision joke related to a zipper-urinal accident. A series of print ads take a similar approach, repeating the bagel and beard references while also finding a circular knit cap close enough to a yarmulke to warrant the designation.

“Like bagels? You’re in,” FCB Toronto chief creative officer Jon Flannery told AdFreak. “Wear a small knit cap that may or may not look like a yarmulke? Good enough. All you really need to be Jewish enough to enjoy the TJFF is to enjoy really great film from around the world.”



Client: Toronto Jewish Film Festival
Agency: FCB Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Jon Flannery
Vice Presidents, Creative Directors: Jeff Hilts, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Art Director: Rob Dean
Copywriters: Dave Delibato, David Hayes
Account Team: Sunil Sekhar, Violet Karbalaei
Agency Producer: Tony De Sousa
Print Producers: Victor Carvalho, Bruce Ellis, Tony De Sousa
Planner: Heather Segal
Production Company: Someplace Nice
Executive Producer: Chilo Fletcher
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