Axe Plans to Work with Redditor It Ripped Off for ‘Shower Thoughts’

By Erik Oster 

Hey, remember that Axe “Shower Thoughts” spot created by Defy Media division Generate that was ripped off from one post on a popular section of Reddit that coincidentally goes by the same name?

We call this “The Buzzfeed Approach to Content Marketing.” Today, however, Digiday reports that the brand has owned up to its thievery in an attempt to make amends.

Axe parent company Unilever said in a statement:

“Our intent with the Shower Thoughts series is to highlight the great creativity and conversations already happening in pop culture. As a champion for creative thought and self-expression, Axe will collaborate on an upcoming piece of content with the person who posted the Shower Thought being referenced.”

It appears that the Redditor in question won’t be compensated for the original ad–but the company will seek out and work with said individual on a future spot in the campaign, for which he or she will get some money.

No word on whether future ads will directly rip off specific posts in the “shower thoughts” subreddit or how, exactly, Axe is “a champion of creative thought and self-expression.”

What the hell does that mean? The company makes relatively cheap deodorants for teenage dudes. And let’s not even get started on Unilever.