BREAKING: Brands Have Odd Twitter Exchange with Parody Account Making Fun of Them

By Patrick Coffee 

What do social media managers do all day beyond schedule Facebook posts and try not to stop staring at HootSuite? Apparently, they share jokes with their other brand bros who may or may not work in the same “War Rooms.”

The people who run the AdWeak account (who probably work in advertising themselves, whoa) had a sort-of amusing, mostly confusing interaction with several seemingly unrelated brands yesterday after making fun of one of them.


This does seem like the very sort of food item one might order directly from Facebook. The copy on that original post read, “Take the break you earned & get the lunch you deserve.”

And then some weird shit followed.

A few Regulars tried to jump in, but they were pretty much lost amid all the Brands doing Authentic things with their Voices.

It’s almost like there are real people running these accounts or something.


We can count the number of engagements and brand awareness points scored in this thread on one hand.

But Applebee’s, Totino’s, State Farm and Barbosol have pulled this kind of totally unplanned Brand Synergy before. They don’t share parent companies, and they don’t share social media agencies (we are pretty damn sure Barkley had nothing to do with this). Most of them run their accounts in-house. They’re not even remotely related to one another.

Something shady is going on here and we will figure it out when we have time to do all the Google searches.