Exclusive: Grey SF Cuts 12.5 Percent of Staff

By Matt Van Hoven 

When I asked my source for this bit of news if there was a loss of particular business that lead to Grey SF letting 12.5 percent of its staff go, the response I got was a flat, “It’s just the economy.”

You haven’t seen any “No Wukkas” posts lately for the same reason Grey SF has joined the ranks of (most notably) Element 79 and DraftFCB. With clients across the board cutting back on media output, we can only expect more of this to come.

But is there a way to effect positive change for addies? Companies like Converseon, Yooter, Connors and more are doing just that by focusing search marketing and social media outreach. And they’re making a profit. It’s no surprise then that the bigger shops that have lagged in these areas…aren’t. Addies, if you want to find work, stay online and make sure you bark up the right tree. The fruit’s easier to get from a 3 foot tree than a Grey SF.