Laurence Boschetto Denies DraftFCB/DraftFCB Healthcare Merger

By Matt Van Hoven 

It seems AdWeek picked up on the DraftFCB layoff news. The agency let go of 47 staffers total, but what’s most shocking is NYC office president Laurence Boschette’s denial of the impending merger between his agency and sister pharma shop, DraftFCB Healthcare. The only part you need to see is below.

“Addressing talk in the blogosphere of the possibility and DraftFCB and DraftFCB Healthcare combining operations, Boschetto said: ‘There is absolutely no plan or intention to combine our New York agency with DraftFCB Healthcare. Both are very significant offerings in their own right and will remain separate, yet complementary entities.'”


I like to watch a car crash as much as the next blogger, but I really, really can’t wait until the exact opposite of this happens. Sending Becker a box of yogurt as we speak.

The full story can be found here.