Free Burrito (If You Buy a Few First)

By SpyWriter 

Qdoba Mexican Grill launched its “Love Ya Back” promotion in Colorado. Customers can use a registered Qdoba Card to purchase five entrees and receive one free entree. Their old promotion required customers to buy 10 free entrees before they got one free. The new promotion will run until Labor Day and they’re referring it as the “burrito stimulus” promotion.

David Craven, Qdoba’s Director of Marketing says, “We are having cost pressures as a business and handling those is a difficult challenge. We are looking for ways to bring value to guests.”


Craven thinks that lowering costs to attract customers will devalue their brand. And a frequent buyer card doesn’t? It’s Qdoba hopes that customers see this as a reward for their loyalty. I remember my buy some get one free cards for Pizza Hut, Auntie Anne Pretzels and the Chinese Massage Parlor. This Qdoba card seems right up there with those.