End Piece Via Consumers

By SuperSpy 

The associated Digg comments go something like this:

“They don’t care about you.”


“That is a funny commercial. It worked for me back in the day. I bought the game.”

“They can barely keep stock of the Wiis in the store. So, I’m pretty sure they’re not trying too hard in the marketing front until those sales start to wane or the supply increases.”

“Sounds like someone needs to drop a few hundred hits of LSD into Ninendo’s water cooler again.”

“I want the Nintendo cereal ad back. Nintendo its a cereal wow Nintendo… it had Zelda, Mario, and Metriod I think.”

“We are now nostalgic for marketing? How does that work? Me, I haven’t seen any of these commercials because I quit watching television before the NES was released. I’m sure they are funny commercials and all but you are apparently so complicit in your own brainwashing that you miss the old kind. Just saying.”