Rob Strasberg Leaves Crispin For Doner. Yes, You Read That Right.

By SuperSpy 

It’s almost spring – depending on where you live. Maybe everyone has caught the fever? Another departure – Rob Strasberg the VP CD at Crispin is heading to Doner to head up Mazda. Before you lose it that Rob got off the Crispin highway (he’s been there since 1999), he’s going to be the new CCO over there. Big title. Big keys to the car. That’s Rob on the left there standing with Andrew Keller, Alex Bogusky, and Rob Reilly back in 2005.

It’s interesting to see two recent high level departures from CP+B. They just won the Microsoft account. They just bumped some people up Andrew Keller and Rob Reilly were both named Partner/Co-Executive Creative Director. Steve Erich was named Partner/Group Account Director and Eric Lear was named Partner/COO at the firm. Did Mark Taylor, who went to GSD&M, and Strasberg realize their day wasn’t going to come and so bailed? What?


All these bodies falling from Crispin and Goodby (Feh Tarty, Pat McKay, and Mark Wenneker). As an astute friend said to us – who’s going to do all their work at their respective agencies? Hey, you junior CD? Time to step up the game. Prove you got the metal.