Feh, McKay And W+K

By SuperSpy 

Feh Tarty who has just returned from blogging the Andy’s judging process has changed teams according to the W+K blog. Bye to Goodby, hello to WK London. Okay, now look down below this posting. Yes, not to far. Right there. See that there? That’s a posting about Mark Wenneker leaving Goodby for Mullen.

Now, if we can just get one more body to bail today, it’ll be a sign that all is balanced in the advertising eco-system. Oh wait. We didn’t fully read the subversive print, as we were blinded by the news about sweet faced Tarty. Pat is also sayanora. When we say Pat, we mean Pat McKay.

Well, that’s that then. The prophecy has been fulfilled and all is well in advertising (for some people).