Doner CCO’s Wife Causes a Stir on Howard Stern

By Kiran Aditham 

Since I was cracking up from the ridiculous verbal warfare between two “camel toe hiding” underwear designers on yesterday’s Howard Stern show, I overlooked the fact that one of them is apparently Treger Strasberg, the wife of Doner CCO Rob Strasberg (thanks to tipsters for the heads up).

Treger you see has a product called CamelAmmo and she had it out with a woman named Shannon, who called it in to promote a rival product called KamelFlage. Here’s the rundown from Howard Stern’s official site: “Treger went on the offensive, saying ‘She’s not actually trademarked. She’s lying about it…you might have applied for your trademark, but you don’t have your trademark.’ Shannon countered that she’d actually patented a specific product: ‘I have a patent for an insert sewn into the actual panties.” Treger snapped: ‘You don’t have a patent. We have a patent.'”


Treger (pictured here) was so adamant about showing off CamelAmmo that she called from a downstairs cafe, convinced Howard and the gang to let her up in the studio and eventually ticked everyone off from the sound of it. Treger to her credit though didn’t ride the Sybian as a promise to her hubby. Way to put your foot down, Rob.

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