Today on the Menu: Liberia’s Lost Children

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you’re a refugee from Liberia looking to find a new home in America you have but a few choices that will land you with fellow Liberians. Problem is, despite having left their war-torn homeland, a culture of violence is met by the strife of American life. Ruthie Ackerman is a woman who wants to change that, and she created a social space online for Liberians to come together &#151 in hopes of making things better.

Ackerman was our guest today, and she told us about how her intent to write a book about the issues Liberians coming to America deal with turned into an effort to bridge the gap between Liberia and the U.S. Today, a social network and blog have been built and 15 main contributors both home and away share stories of their struggles, via Learn about Ackerman’s work and the struggles facing Liberians in New York’s Staten Island and in Minnesota.

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