Do You Have Scoraphobia? Score a Score Can Help.

By Kyle O'Brien 

Do you suffer from “Scoreophobia”—the fear of sonic deficiency? Not sure what that is? You’re not alone, because it’s a fictitious disease coined by music company Score a Score to set up a cure for the ailment: Bravura, a prescribed one-stop sonic solution for pharma and healthcare marketing.

To launch Bravura, Score a Score, a company that links composers and music to producers and directors, teamed up with Big Howl to co-write, direct and produce a spot that follows all of the traditional pharma ad tropes, including the problem/solution structure, side effects, which in this case include earworms, goosebumps and toe-tapping, and stylized graphics.


The perfectly cast VO is delivered in earnest, but also veers into lines that break the fourth wall by calling out common guidelines for music production in this space, such as “Now let’s drop the music down to a nice repetitive bed to make room for the major statement.”

“We saw a void in the market for a designated music resource for pharma marketing, and with our wealth of experience and expertise we wanted to be the first to claim this space with Bravura,” said Jordan Passman, CEO of Score a Score in a statement.

The video directs people to the Bravura web page, where interested parties can sample the music and discover how to get “overly grateful brand clients,” as the site states.

“Pharma and healthcare have been some of the most consistent verticals in our advertising work for years, which has enabled our creative team as well as our composers to become really fluent in the form,” said Jake Weinreb, COO of Score a Score. “The approach for music production in this category is quite distinct. We always aim to support and enhance any brand’s messaging with the perfect combination of mood, tone, energy, and aesthetic, but with pharma, we need to also walk the fine line of compliance—playing a supportive role without influencing the narrative too strongly in any direction. It’s a creative and strategic process we really enjoy, and we’re excited to plant our flag in the ground with Bravura to continue our expansion in this area.”