David Droga Turns into Better-Dressed Confucius

By Kiran Aditham 

David Droga turned into a man of some thousand words recently and offered several talking points during a chat with WSJ Magazine EIC Tina Gaudoin. The Wall Street Journal offshoot gave us a sneak peek at their September issue in which the Droga5 chairman and mastermind behind efforts like Tap Project waxes philosophical about “change, charity and the consumer” when discussing the ad industry.

Among his nuggets, which he expounds fully here, are:


-“I secretly wish I had experienced advertising in the ‘Mad Men’ period.”

-“This is not survival of the fittest–it’s mutation of the species that is crucial for our industry.”

-“Your campaign shouldn’t just die the day you spend your last cent.”

-“Online is amazing, but it in itself is not a solution.”

-“95 percent of the stuff out there is rubbish.”

Droga’s goal according to the piece is to build “the most influential agency in the world,” but if that doesn’t work, the man can at least model the hell out of a Prada suit.

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