Bogusky: Twitter is the Glue that Put Social Media Together

By Matt Van Hoven 

Alex Bogusky said words. Cue erections/whatever-happens-to-ladies-when-they’re-aroused! Those words were spoken during an interview with BigBuzzKevin (no idea) about his kiddie roller-coaster ride with Twitter, and they were recorded into the crappiest camera of all times. A favorite quote:

“The whole social media thing had a lot of components and each one of them could be interesting and successful,” he told BigBuzzKevin ( “But Twitter seems to be the glue that’s taken all of these things and kind of puttin’ em together…it’s kind of the glue that was needed.”


Not to nitpick, but you changed tenses at the end there Alex. Here’s more:

“There aren’t that many people on Twitter [ed’s note: compared to what? The number of dudes lined up to ask you lame questions about social media?], but the people that are on Twitter are gluing together, yeah, and they’re the ones that are sort of [ed’s note: wait for it] gluing together all this other social media,” said Bogusky, imparting wisdom like NATO drops bombs on Afghanistan. “It’s really powerful.”

Clearly, this two-camera interview employs varied technology. Camera 1 (our name) has bad sound and visuals. Camera 2 (also our name) is a bit better in the audio department, but continues the tradition of crappy video. Maybe that’s why this interview sounds like…I’m not going to say it. Slurpy fellatio.

Nonetheless, it’s another super-nice interview for Bogusky, who likes to talk via crappy-cam to dudes who are only going to throw him softballs made of Jell-O. If we were in front of him, we’d totally ask bad-ass things like where his favorite place to mountain bike is and if we can have a job.

Other interesting Boguskyisms:

&#151 “To some people, MySpace is less relevant.”

&#151 “Twitter, in some people’s minds, changed how they look at Facebook.”

&#151 “Conversation, I think in general, is a good thing.”

&#151 “The idea that the consumer is really involved in the brand is something that people have really liked to say for a long time, but they don’t really mean it.”

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