The New GM Ad: Poop

By Matt Van Hoven 

I like to say poop because it lets you know exactly what is being referred to. Shit implies angst, crap doesn’t really send a message &#151 but poop, well it’s what children use to describe their excrement and that’s what this new spot for GM’s brands screams. It screams poop.

If you buy a new Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, other GM brands, you can return it for 60 days. Guaranteed! And that’s the new campaign piece.


So, if you feel like pooping after seeing this ad, don’t be alarmed. I read somewhere that when you read about yawning, it makes you yawn. So you should be yawning right now. I think the same is true re: poop. Don’t forget to flush.

In the ad, that’s chairman Ed Whitacre, by the way. You know, the confidence inspiring, rich-looking old white guy. GM’s not supposed to look rich anymore.

“Car for car, when compared to the competition, we win. Simple as that,” croaks Whitacre. Actually Ed, you don’t. Raise your hand if you think the Impala wins. Also, no matter how many times you ask of your car, “when you turn it on, does it return the favor” Cadillac will always be an Ed Whitacre car. Read: old guy. In the words of Joe Wilson, “you lie”.

Note: this ad went to review before the GM board, which Whitacre chairs. Now, who in that room was going to say, “this sucks” with Whitacre sitting right there? Dude was appointed by the government, basically.

Via Jalopnik

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